third times the charm?

yeah, i’m not so sure about that…

…at least mewes in the mix was different.

i’ve been to three kevin smith events at the paramount, each with declining levels of “involvement”, as it were…but increasing level of price, but i guess that’s to be expected as time marches on.

i went to the jay and silent bob strike back one at that paramount back in 2001. as i recall, i went solo and scored my ticket via star tickets where i was working at the time. i spent the extra ten bucks to get the “VIP Ticket”, which gave me really good seating for the movie and KevBo Q&A and also gave me access to the after party at antone’s where i got to sit and drink and hang with kevin smith, his wife, and his writing partner scott mosier. it cost me less than fifty bucks including drinks, i had a nice chat with kevin and company, and enjoyed the movie. i saw it a second time in theaters with shane quasi legally, but that’s a story for another time.

five years later i was there with kathi for the clerks 2 texas premier they did. there were no VIP tickets this time and the austin film society was involved so i got pretty good seats, but not great. there was no after party, but i did run into kevin smith in the alley behind the paramount after the event, and ended up chatting a bit with him about restaurant recommendations between here and dallas as he had another even there the next day and was being driven up there right then. he wasn’t vegan back then, so it was easier for my carnivorous ass to think of stuff for him…now i guess he can just graze on the side of the interstate or whatever it is those people do?

so now it’s thirteen years later and we have the jay & silent bob reboot road trip. it ran me a bit over a bill for nosebleed tickets, but there really are very few “bad” seats at the paramount. we were far enough back i didn’t even attempt the q&a (i’ve had a question answered at each of the previous two), again, there was no after party, but there WAS jason mewes which was a nice addition – it’s cool to see friends go back and forth like that, even if he just barely made it at the end. i always enjoy a good kevin smith event, and this was made all the cooler by the addition of mewes and, more importantly, the ufc by my side. she missed some of the inside humor, but overall seemed to enjoy herself. in many ways smith says this is his cinematic swan song – and in may ways this was my favorite of the three.

needless to say we’ll own this one eventually.

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