wu with a view

we had a bit of a tragedy at my place last monday…

…but all seems better since.

we were less than ten minutes from leaving for the wu-tang clan show when i heard a loud noise in the hallway – the ufc had slipped on our concrete floors and come down on her knees HARD. there was no way they could handle the walk to and from the car, up the multiple flights of stairs to our seats, and DEFINITELY not the steep descent to our row.

so i had to phone a friend. i don’t know if i’ll ever see the money he’s supposed to give me for the ticket (probably not, but i wouldn’t have seen any back with my plan “a”, either…for different happier reasons) but it was a good time and a good show. what’s odd is this guy and i have been friends for years (since the late 80’s) and yet never been to a show together until then. we’ve run into each other at shows we were both at, but never rolled in together. we made up for it that night.

while there was no method mad (out filming a movie) and no o.d.b. (died in 2004) there were still plenty of folks to swarm the stage:

while they officially called the tour the “36 chambers 25th anniversary” they did plenty of cuts from other albums.

this may or may not be my last concert for the year. i bet it seems like i’m posting lots of show shit on here lately, and i have, but the only tickets i have left to non-paramount movie shit is a single tool ticket currently for sale. while i wouldn’t mind seeing em, i’m more down to flip it for the extra dough if the going rates tend to be realistic. and if not, i’ll go see tool again…so it’s pretty much win/win at this point.

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