two barrel tuesday

since shooting issues are a thing of the past in this country, it makes sense that i’d get this email last week:

so, there’s a LOT to unpack here. first off, nice choice on the blonde-haired-blue-eyed aryan poster girl faking the news desk look (VERY fox news…roger would be proud!). secondly, at least this isn’t about that open carry bullshit, but i’ve addressed that before.

nope, i’m willing to bet this is about the virginia bullshit, which again, i’ve done a bit about…four and a half years ago. in short, they allow you to get a concealed permit without actually ever touching or firing a gun. while that should make you scared as hell to go to virginia, the reach of such stupidity is far greater reaching thanks to “reciprocity” and non residential permitting. the former is the term for a state recognizing another states licence as valid. the latter is a state allowing people who are NOT a resident of said state to still obtain a permit in their state.

and virginia is a big believer in both.

so, in case you didn’t follow the link to my previous bit above, you can go online, watch a brief video, take a brief test online, and without ever even holding a gun, as long as both your check AND your background check clear, virginia will license you to carry a handgun. and thirty-seven states will recognize said license as valid.

(ironically california, which at the bottom of this email is where is states the message originates, ain’t one of em – in fact, they don’t reciprocate ANYBODY’S permit…you have to have a california one)

and a lot of states are moving towards that, because of some of these online loopholes. so while the line about folks in “all fifty states” being able to get a permit is true, the line about your permit being GOOD in all fifty states is absent because…well…it won’t be.

and shit doesn’t just vary state to state – in some places it’s county to county. and in some places what’s on the books and what’s done are two different things.

it can get confusing and changes often.

the reason above i said “willing to bet” about what this was about is because i didn’t click the link. it shows it was coming from a “” address and…well…fuck that. not that i haven’t known plenty of smart bipolar people in my life time, but they never put it in the got damn email address. and if you really look, you’ll say the “loophole might close soon”. so it’s really just playing off the whole “they’re gonna take our guns” bullshit, which between flaming cheet-o number forty-five and munitions mitch that ain’t gonna happen any time in the foreseeable future.

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