VMAs = Very Much Aged?

i’m surprised MTV still does the video music awards…

…i mean, let’s face it – they don’t really show videos any more.

back when digital cable came out and the mtv was starting to focus on shows like the real world and road rules they started mtv2 so they could show videos there. but now the content on that one is just older versions of their “staples” like jersey shore and the always inspiring sixteen and pregnant so where do videos go? not on their third network – that shows odd live shit and content for my age group.

at this point i’ll be your average teenager doesn’t know what the “M” in mtv even stands for.

and why the fuck would they guess “music”? there’s really none on here.

but the VMA’s happen tomorrow, and with the exception of lenny kravitz in the “best rock category” there’s few out of my musical collection mentioned (okay, not really true – i was way ahead of the curve on the dj snake track that’s up for best dance, and i had some billie eilish on an M radio playlist quite early on) but for the most part this is when i feel kinda old, and i guess i am. i still recognize at least a couple of the artists in each category, and i still recognize a few of the tracks…but the days of me REALLY knowing the stuff and making an informed decision if i had to guess winners in long gone.

so the aging process goes, i suppose.

with the “video vanguard” award going to somebody who’s first album dropped after i was outta college you start to feel it…

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