i read a thing about a thing

that’s really what half the articles here should be titled…

…just sayin’.

in this case it was an article about how some guy recycled a year old bit about how childless twenty-somethings shouldn’t be going to disneyland.

i disagree.

when i first saw the article out there i was slightly buzzed and somehow read that as them going to park ALONE. not just childless, but solo. i’ve done solo shit a good chunk of my life. i’ve road tripped across the state to concerts alone. i’ve traveled state to state alone. shit, i drove to the beach in florida from texas alone. i just went to houston to see the rolling stones alone last week. it’s got some positives – no arguing about when to stop or where. you always like the music. and, my favorite – when i wanna leave and go somewhere else there’s no vote…i just do it.

that being said, i don’t think i could do a theme park alone. that just looks…odd. that’s when you look like, at some point, you will be on the news – and not for good reasons.

but just going sans kids? like a group of twenty to thirty somethings going to have a good time and not have to deal with kids? what’s the fucking problem? i was really hoping to take the ufc for her 40th (although the boy woulda been with us) and i am DEFINITELY going to make it happen for her 50th, and it’ll just be the two of us.

(not a spoiler – i know she doesn’t read my shit)

so stop hassling younger folk trying to have fun – there’s nothing wrong with NOT having kids to deal with. i lead that life for a loooooong time and did fine. and i’ll lead it again at some point (they grow up, ya know).

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