almost bit by the apple….ALMOST

i always warn folks not to fall for this shit…

…and then i did!

on the laptop you see shit that you didn’t see on the phone. like the return address looks suspect. and that’s when i caught the grammar error in the subject line. but on my phone? where my mail goes while i’m working? that was legit spooky! especially because this last iphone conversion didn’t go as smooth as the last several thanks to me forgetting the encrypted password so i had to redo almost all my passwords, and the ufc just told be to save them in the apple cloud which would then be accessible (i assume) from where ever my apple id was logged in.

fucking indonesia? i don’t know no motherfuckers in indonesia! and certainly none that need to get all up on my discover card or whatever the fuck!

but putting it on my laptop and looking at it confirmed it wasn’t legit. when you hover over the login screen it took you not to apple, but to a lybian address. yet another place that doesn’t need my american express card info.

so all’s well that ends well…but watch yo shit. they almost got me – you could be next!

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