no great loss, i assure you!

paul hogan, who’s a national treasure on the continent of australia, and most known for his crocodile dundee movies here, had a famous quote from said movies…

well, any texan worth a shit that’s been to taco bell would say the same things about the tortillas. and if you DON’T know the difference between the tortillas at taco bell and an actual tortilla i hope your MAGA hat bursts into flames.

for the rest of us, the “national news” of taco bell having a tortilla shortage is not seen as any kind of tragedy or even concern. i’ll admit it unabashedly – i smoke weed and i drink…and i still don’t ever get fucked up enough to consider taco bell “food”, let alone “mexican food”. and i can get good mexican food near my house on the cheap. is it as cheap as taco bell? no. but lemme point something out…

now, saving you the math, the second image is for a twelve pack AND the weight of each can is about double the first pic, but even if you divide by twenty-four you’ll see the dog food is basically the same price as taco bell…and THAT’S what you’re eating? trust me – the “tortilla” shortage, if it’s keeping you at bay right now, is doing you a favor!

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