mental diarrhea from the easters

so, since we just wrapped up what is arguably one of the two “holy months”, i wanted to point out something to my christian “well, the bible says ‘this and this’…” kinda friends…

…just a logical progression here.

the “modern bible” is based on the king james version but edited by a guy at oxford univerity, and basically was created to keep english folks in line. i have a wonderful NON-edited version, circa 1826, that has an intro blasting the oxford edit and basically calling it out on this. mine contains the apocrypha, the books that are supposed to fall between the old and new testaments but were left out of the aforementioned version.

kinda makes you wonder what else was “lost in translation”, don’t it? if whole books were removed?

as the whole thing was translated from multiple languages to english, let’s look at a simple language conversion to show how non-accurate such things can be. and since we’re in texas, we’ll even go with the most common one – spanish to english.

this was odd – you’re taught in any intro to spanish class that “como” translates to “how”, in the classic “who, what, when, where, how?” since of the word. but then you add two little letters and…

now we’ve caught up with the teachings of nestor, my spanish teacher. he was a really cool argentinian dude that may or may not still be with us…he was pretty old in the 90’s. but he was healthy as fuck, so he might be? any way, you add “te”, which i know meant “you”, and all of a sudden the meaning of “como” changes. that’s called “context”, i suppose. but then…

so now with one more word EVERYTHING changes its meaning? except it really doesn’t. the actual LITERAL translation is “how do you call yourself?”, which in more “common english” is what it shows above. but three words completely change their literal meaning when put into an english phrase brits and americans would easily understand, and you don’t think that happens thousands of times here?

if you legit believe that you’re out of yo muthaphukin’ mind!

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