check your six, muthaphuka!

a note to so called “courteous drivers”…

…look behind you.

i’ve had more people screech to a halt when there was no stop sign, or pause mid parking lot, or crawl slowly through an intersection, all in the name of being the “nice person” who lets somebody waiting to turn out into traffic get out ahead of them. sometimes they let multiple people do it. i once saw a guy let out six.

i almost followed him home to stomp his face in.

here’s something that these “good samaritans” don’t realize – there are ALSO people behind you, asshole.

and they have places to be. well, at least i do…i can’t speak for the dozen or so cars behind me. but i assume they probably do, too.

so while you may be thought of as a saint by the person you just waved in front of you, who was still in the grocery store while we were waiting for that train to pass or the light to turn green, and i actually WATCHED THEM walk out of the store and get in their car when i was already on the road and now they’re in front of you and you’re in front of me you are the FUCKING DEVIL to all us people who are actually behind you.

that’s why i have my “one and done” rule.

i do firmly believe the universe is a generally better place if we all take care of each other. and i know the majority of people won’t wave somebody in. i get it. i totally get it. but, that being said, i will. but only one. and not one per driveway, or one per block, or one per journey. just one. per day. while i feel the world needs a little karmic balancing i don’t feel i need to pay it forward or anything. i maybe an asshole, but i’m a lovable asshole – even to the people stuck behind me, thank you very much.

now learn from my example before i’m forced to throw a brick through your back window! i’ve stared at your “COEXIST” bumper sticker where all the religious emblems are replaced by DC and marvel logos long enough!

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