clarity & vision

i can see clearly now…

…but i suppose i always could.

i had my eyes examined a couple weeks ago to the tune of $313 (in theory $304 of that is reimbursable, but occasionally the ufc’s insurance is about as predictable as a scratch-off) and had one little surprise – while my distance vision stayed the same (no surprise) my up-close vision was actually SHARPER than it had been.

who knew?

actually, i did. in the past i could wear contacts with no issue, but the last several times i tried it i found that small stuff up close was severely out of focus unless i pulled my contacts out. things like reading, checking my phone, and even reading the combination on my gym locker was a pain in the ass. but with my naked eye all was clear as a bell.

my distance vision has always been fun – i never knew i needed glasses until i was fifteen when i failed the vision test to get my driver’s license. i got glasses, and my prescription stayed the same from age fifteen to age thirty-three…which was when i started working at dell. since i had a job where i was staring at a screen for eight plus hours a day my vision got worse literally every year i worked there. in january of 2009 i had my last eye exam on the dell nickel, and the three since have all showed my distance vision was the same – but i had no way of knowing about the up close shit until yesterday, when i went BACK to the same optometrist that i had when i was at dell, who could see my full exam records. HE was the one that told me about my up close vision somehow sharpening up which makes my recent contact lens issues make sense.

so at least now i know.

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