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sue me, but friday while i’m in new orleans just screamed for a strip club bit…

…so here we go:

helping out the kids, one dollar at a time
by sean ~ April 22nd, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized.

FINALLY – a republican program i can REALLY get behind…

Texas, like many other states, is having problems keeping public schools funded properly – but at least he has a plan. he proposes capping (and cutting) property taxes. where does the extra money then come from? where do we make up this loss?

at the nudie bar…

where the music stinks and they water the drinks…the nudie bar.

i don’t know where governor perry was when this idea hit him (scratches head – gee, i wonder…) but he came up with a way he figures he can get $45,000,000 for Texas schools – just make “sexually oriented bars” give $5 a person through the door to the state. so, what happens to no cover before 6:00? or the nights where you can take a girl with you for free? does that all go away? i hope not!

where you can feel on her thigh, but never have to look her in the eye…the nudie bar.

now, there are opponents to this. the most vocal is carole keeton strayhorn. hell hath no fury like a tri-named texas bitch. she not only doesn’t like the idea of stripper cash supporting kids (i can kinda see the point if the kids actually TOUCHED the money, but let it go) but she also wants to ban booze in all gentleman’s clubs.

this has two VERY negative problems – number one, there are some strippers out there that rely on a good buzz in a customer for their livelihood. take away the booze, and you might as well put in decent lighting and shoot the poor girl STRAIGHT back to the whataburger drive thru where she came from. the second? if you take your girl to a strip club, and get some booze in her, the night can become a LOT of fun.

so, if it makes my ever-rising property taxes stop rising, i’m down with some stripper rev going to schools. plus, that way your average stripper fan can use the same excuse that lotto addicts can invoke – it’s not that we have a problem, it’s not that we’re perverts, and it’s not that we’re trying to take something home to play with.

sure, all apply – but look at the bigger picture.

we just want a better world of opportunities for your kids – and shouldn’t it always be about the children?

so crank up the def leppard, whip out your ones, and watch her shake what her mamma (and a plastic surgeon in houston) gave her – so the world can be a better place.

plus, now you have an excuse to duck out of that p.t.a bake sale – you already blew your wad (as it were) and gave at “the office”

(or at least, that’s where you said you were late tuesday…)

the only copy of the clip i found on YouTube was really shit shape.

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