the explanation and it’s all fun & games till ya gotta dig the hole

so, i leave on vacation today…

…like for real vacation. flights and rental cars and a house sitter kinda vacation.

and yes, there will be appropriate pics and bits to follow.

but in the interim something needed to go up. now, the other day i went looking for something (i can’t recall what, but life has been a jumble of confusion from multiple angles lately, and i’m sure kramer will blame something in retrograde for that) but i found the first jump drive i tried to save the bits from extinction on back in 2008.

there was also some (possibly) unreleased shit.

when i had my great bit loss due to an expired credit card and a shitty canadian hosting company back in the spring of 2008 i had to be told about the problem with the website because while i DID have a computer at home i did NOT have internet at home. i would write the bits, save them as text files, put them on a jump drive, and upload them at work (which was dell back then). when my site got banned from dell (no surprise) i would just take them on my notebook and upload them at a place with free wifi, be it whatever girl i was dating at the time’s place, or starbuck’s, or the library, or whatever.

so a couple of these bits were written out but have no date at the top, so i don’t know if i ever posted them (the jump drive is only 2gb so i deleted stuff when it went up) and there was some archive stuff that i double checked and it’s not already out there (one is even from a large gap in months where nothing is listed yet) so this will all be flashbacky with new intros and we’ll get back to live shit on the twenty-sixth. in the mean time, let’s jump in with the ever cheery subject of dead pets!

decompression, part ii
by sean ~ October 2nd, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized.

bob was a sick little bastard…

…well, to be honest he was an evil, sick little bastard.

the evil had been life-long, save for the first five minutes i knew him, when he was cold from shipment, and therefore a bit affectionate in a darwinian attempt to get his blood temperature back up. long enough for me to think, “aw, he’s cool…i’ll take him.”.

then he turned evil.

back then he could fit in my hand, save for the tail. within a couple of years, he looked like a two and half foot dinosaur that ate rats. he had had some digestive issues earlier this summer, which gave way to more problems, and as of wednesday night when i got home from running around the “sans” bob was really, really not well. by that time the next day, he was just really not.

rest in peace, bob the lizard – 1996-2005.

thursday and fridays had their parallels. spent both mornings at mozart reading dorsey, smoking cuban cigars, and feeding ducks, turtles, and fish the size of my leg. VERY relaxing. then lunch with alex. on thursday that was followed by the gym and cinematic let-down number one, “the lord of war”. then we went home for the evening and “enjoyed” cinematic letdown number two, “stewie griffin, the untold story”.

the former i didn’t know what to expect. i just expected to enjoy it more. the latter i expected the same upturn southpark took when it went up on the big screen, but such was not to be – the difference is i now OWN the stewie one, having gotten it off amazon the day it came out. maybe it will grow on me or something – it’s not BAD, but it wasn’t the curse-filled romp i was hoping for. just three of your average episodes, back to back, with a few fucks thrown in because they could.

oh well…

friday, post-lunch, i ran kramer to lunch and the airport and then ran downtown for two happy hours at saba – one solo, and another one after i picked up alex from work. with that much booze in me, the rest of the night is a little hazy, but at least their were no cops, or mechanical bulls – and i didn’t piss on the general lee.

no, most of that would come later when shane wanted to go out…

and we all remember how THAT turned out, don’t we?!?!

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