weirdness week (the technical/mechanical part)

so, now i’m basically back to reality…

…the reality that we leave for NOLA in two weeks.

and i’ve got a fence to build. and i’ve got to figure out how to build a fence. and i’ve got some minor car repairs to do. and we’re planning on swapping out our phones finally (the delay is totally on me since i was waiting for sprint to restock iphone xr’s in black with 128gb on em).

i’ll say this about the one button mouse clicking freaks – they make a fairly smooth running phone.

the one thing that typically goes smooth is the transition from one iphone to the next. at least on the tech part. the billing tends to be a colossal three phone call pain in the ass – but the actually tech is usually solid.

hopefully it stays that way. i feel like no day off in march PRE-vacation is gonna be a relaxing one for me, so it’s time to have some march madness mayhem as far as productivity is concerned. and, pretty obviously, kramer has decided i need to retool the appearance of this site. some of the changes i kinda like, some i can’t stand. pardon our remodeling dust the next few weeks or however the fuck long it takes.

can i muster the energy? guess it’s time to find out!

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