smollett sixer

there are a whole lot of negatives about the bullshit that went down in chicago last week, which continues to drip into our news feeds…

…but i’ve been trying to look more at the bright side of life. looking at some things to consider. so, to that end, let’s do a sunday sixer about this bullshit:

six smollett soirée story segments

another bullet in the clip – without meaning to, this idiot has given all the trumpian nation another talking point in THEIR god damn favor. “oh yeah, we’re the bad guys…” thanks. they needed that.

reality check – while i’ll grant you, i’m white, almost fifty, and from a small town in texas, i was born on juneteenth, hosted & created the first hip hop show on my college radio station, and have been on stage with run dmc, cypress hill, and public enemy. i am NOT your average white guy my age…and i hadn’t heard of this motherfucker till this incident. what the FUCK made people think some MAGA wearing fools had?

positive note – with all the white washing going on in hollywood, this guy actually hired nigerian motherfuckers, some of the blackest of the black, to play the role of white guys since no cameras were involved. power to the people!

reality check II – i actually learned about this from some of the right wing posts (yeah, she went there) on ME’s twitter feed. my response – “they probably didn’t beat his ass because he was gay or black, but rather because his parents named him ‘jussie’ and shit!” i stand by that. you don’t name your kid “jussie” and NOT expect him to learn how to defend himself at an early age.

reality check III – as of this writing (thursday, feb 21st) he’s still denying that he made it up. bitch, please. you’re popped. you thought your trifling ass wasn’t getting enough of that empire money and enough screen time so you decided to make your name stand out…and failed. own it. take that “L”. ain’t nobody buying yo bullshit at this point.

powerful closing –
while i love me some urban drama shows and hip-hop, i’ve never watched empire, mainly because terrance howard’s crazy ass bugs the fuck out of me. but i watch power. religiously. if you’re in that cast and happen to read my shit, pleeeeeaaaase don’t follow in this fool’s footsteps. you’re better than that. i promise!

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