relax and enjoy it?

“rape is kind of like texas weather – there’s nothing you can do about it, so you might as well sit back, relax, and enjoy it…” – clayton williams

yep. that’s right. texas once had a gubernatorial candidate that said that, apparently forgetting that women had gotten the vote and therefore could vote for the other guy…which in this case was a woman. in his defense (like that’s actually possible) women were given the right only twelve years before he was born, so maybe the news just hadn’t made it out to the west texas artsy town of alpine, texas, where he grew up at that point? yeah, we’ll go with that – not like there was cnn back then…

…but there was at the time he said that bullshit! hence, the ann richards victory.

damn, i love me some ann richards. wonderful woman, awesome governor, total badass. moving on…

…this bit was actually about our ridiculous weather of late, by the way.

while i am 100% aware there is a difference between “weather” and “climate” and that things go in cycles, when you live in one spot for forty fucking years you learn what to expect…and the swings we’ve been having lately AIN’T it.


so over forty-five degrees of difference between when i hit the shop on friday afternoon, and when i rolled in on saturday morning. that ain’t normal. that ain’t right. and it sure as fuck ain’t relaxing. so anybody who tries to tell you that climate change is some bullshit liberal hoax, you just show em this.

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