well, that was awkward

i’ve done a bit or two that talked about how i was trying to “murder out” my car…

…i.e. turn all the exterior non-black parts to black.

some things aren’t getting that treatment for safety reasons – like the fog lights and headlights. but the back end did get “the treatment” and i posted the pic:

the pic obviously has altered plates, but the big white stripe at the bottom isn’t altered – that’s what it has. but they make a “classic black” one without the stripe, you just have to have SEVEN FUCKING LETTERS not including a little texas or whatever to get it, so it would look like this:

when i called to ask why the nice lady i spoke to (not meant in sarcasm – EVERYBODY i have ever spoken to in that office sounds like a nice texas lady akin to what i grew up speaking with at local businesses) she said that there were state regulations on how much of a license plate had to be reflective material, and with seven letters it hit the mark. she then added, and i KNOW this wasn’t on purpose, that because my plate only had five characters (plus the little texas) that my plate would be, brace yourself…

too black to be legal in texas

god damn, she should be REALLY thankful she had a white face on the other end of the phone or that phrase coulda been a career killer!

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