X dell (a throwback)

ten years…

…hard to believe ten years ago today i kicked off my longest running stint of unemployment.

and it all started with…

jobless, penniless, and friendless (or at least two outta three)
January 31, 2009 sean M

i hate to start off this way, but i kick this entry off with an apology…

…to the entry that SHOULD have been up today. and i only apologize ’cause it was ORIGINALLY up for thursday, but then tuesday’s bit was just something somebody had sent me, and the bit that was supposed to be thursday and then today was the same sort of thing, and i felt like i was cheating you, the loyal reader, with two pre-mixed bits in a row, so i pushed it off to the facebook bit, and then today i got fired, and i wanted to use the saturday bit to tell anybody i hadn’t already talked to in the last couple weeks (if you remember that scene in the first austin powers where the guy held up his hands and screamed, “noooooooooooooo” as the steam roller SLOWLY headed towards him that’s kinda been my work like until yesterday, ‘cept i wasn’t really screaming and now end up broke (true), jobless (true), and friendless (at least at my self-thrown happy hour, but it was kinda last minute thrown at people, so maybe i’ll just try for something next week).

but never mind that now – you’ve all been informed. shoot any job openings you know of my way. hit the mobile if you need to.

moving along – after the firing, before the drinking, and while telling my dad what was up, i saw the most unbelievable thing:

long stem roses, complete with all the trimmings, in a EMPTY BUD LITE BOTTLE as vase, with a pre-made card that says “this bud’s for you!”. is there ANY woman that reads me that would give it up for this hillbilly shit? i actually hung up on my dad just so i could take this pic for you folks…

(pic no longer available, but given the subject matter that’s okay)

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