white folk problems, fog edition

i’m gonna say it the shittiest way possible so it has the most impact on myself here…

“i wish this misty-assed fog would lift so i could get my bmw washed with my car wash membership since i has rain dirt on it”

see, doesn’t that sound shitty? and it’s 100% accurate. it’s what’s thrown off my morning. i should be doing atomic social media updates on the porch waiting area of a san marcos car wash right now waiting for my shiny black five series to roll out and get hand dried and wiped down while another guy hand does my tires and rims – but, instead, i wait.


because there’s this dense fog that has me sitting at home because if they DID try to wash my car in this weather it would literally never dry and end up even spottier than it is. and if, by some miracle, san marcos has clear skies right now (which my weather app says it doesn’t) i’d still have to drive BACK into this shit to get home, completely reversing the wash i’d just paid for.

so here i sit.

other shit that needed to be done – laundry, the gym, the grocery store, and yes, even writing, can all be accomplished at home…so i’m just doing E V E R Y T H I N G else before and if it lifts by 2pm or so (five hours from now) then i’ll just detour through san marcos on my way to work.

like i said – total white folks problem moment from yesterday, but i thought i’d share.

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