big court money and an apparent love of white folk…or BMWs?

one of my more expensive moments during my holiday break came on new year’s eve…

…cars came due.

in texas they went down to only one sticker so our windshields look less crowded, and you only pay half your inspection at the inspection place. the other half is an extra line item on your registration. so while i only pay seven bucks to the inspection folk (which takes the “we care” factor to a minimum with some of them – more on that later) the other half comes in at the government office. on new year’s even i only dropped fourteen to the inspection folk (seven bucks per car, separate trips) but over three hundred at the courthouse ($150 for the “MR GREY” plate, an other $65 per for registration ($130 total) and another $7 per for inspection ($14 total) plus tax).

the inspection i go to (name withheld) i go to because, technically, mr grey shouldn’t pass. his third brake light is literally blacked out (that became a thing two years ago) and his back light kit is from the u.k. and therefore lacks the “DOT” stamp that makes it 100% street legal in the states. last year i took him to a former dealership that now does inspections and he failed for parking break. i fixed that and went back and he was failed for the third light. i went to this place on a whim a week later and they passed him without even sitting down in him.


so i was kinda freaked out when i pulled up in betty (the five series) and saw them going through a full inspection on the truck in front of me…and the guy failed. a hispanic gentleman. then i pull in. they check the mileage, print my thing, and charge me seven bucks never actually checking shit.

i should mention this place has an all hispanic crew and is hispanic owned.

i came back around in mr grey (3 series) with the top down and had to wait behind two cars. one was an oil change, and the next (black fella driving) was an oil change AND inspection – full inspection, barely passed due to tire wear. then i pull in – again, no test, no bullshit, just “what’s the mileage?”, print, pay, done.

does it count as “white privilege” when it ain’t white folk doling it out?

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