if it ain’t white, is the name right? (a tossback tuesday bit)

so, last old bit of my holiday break…

…and again, from a month that was already in the archives, but only had one, and honestly when i started reading this one i was curious how it wrapped up, so…

name this
by sean ~ August 28th, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized.

okay, i have a white-trash question…

…but that’s not the right term.

on one of a few trips to the grocery store today (for some reason we can’t master getting everything in one swoop) i spotted a “family” (minus the dad(s)) having lunch in front of the store. you know those grocery stores that have a deli, or some other type of food bar scenario, and therefore have dining facilities of some sort (booths inside, picnic tables outside, what have you)?

well, my store doesn’t have that…

but during the summer time, they do have some patio furniture. i suppose in this “try it before you buy it” (or don’t buy it) culture of ours where you can rent any car under the planet for the weekend or download music (but never purchase the cd, and then wonder why popular music sucks these days with no cash flow and all) this should have made sense to me, but it didn’t.

this family, consisting of a woman in her mid-twenties, and no less than four kids (all under ten – someone show her what a condom is, and FAST) was having lunch, fresh bought from the store (lunchables, chips, sodas) on the patio furniture that was on clearance in the front of the store (they had actually pulled the clearance signs off the chairs and tables so they could make themselves at home and set them on the floor).

we saw them setting out food and pulling signs when we walked in, and i SWORE i had to be imagining this scenario – but i wasn’t.

when we came out they were all seated, dining away, as the post-church crowd ambled in to get stuff to take home, all marveling that they were intruding on this groups dining room to do so.

talk about, “you might be a redneck if…”

but the odd part? they WEREN’T rednecks. or white trash. or white at all. uh-uh. latin folk.

go figure.

so, what is the correct nomenclature on this one? ME, proud latina that you are, any thoughts? and kathi, did i spell “nomenclature” properly?

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