irony – painful, painful irony (a flashback friday bit)

one thing should be noted before you read this:

within twenty-four hours of this being published the site was pulled by fat cow, it’s hosting company at the time, and all archives were destroyed. coincidence?

dotcoms fuck the whore no more
by sean ~ February 29th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

this has been a constant debate for me lately…

what the fuck is my problem?

now, before you rush to hit the comments section, let me explain what i mean. i don’t mean that in general – that can be summed up in not just a word, but a symbol:


that simple. more of that would make for a lot less stress in my world otherwise. that’s it. the only solution. and without that, it’s “pain go bye-bye juice”…

(thanks for the booze label, JMS – and pick up your phone when i call to wish you a happy birthday, fucker!)

seriously, i mean what’s wrong with me here. the site is slang termed “the whore” but it seems that the last few years things went limp dick on me. at least as far as my writing is concerned (we’ll leave the rest of my life out of it for now). i found myself writing and asking myself, “will this upset people?” or “can they read this at work without feeling their jobs are in jeopardy?”.

in theory such precautions would bring readership numbers up because, in common terms, you’re selling out. i didn’t do it to intentionally skew numbers either way, but i did notice something…

…my numbers went down. not fucking cool.

i blame my dotcom job.

you spend eight or nine hours waist deep in corporate (“p.c.” – as in politically correct) america instead of working a rock n’ roll show with a cigar in your teeth while you ogle strippers and say “fuck” every fifth word and it will effect you. combine that with the emotional repression of my last relationship (which was someone i met courtesy of said job) and the mandate (again, from them) that “all employees who have a blog outside of work should maintain the same level of professionalism there that they would at the work place for they represent our company even when they are not at the office.”

fuck every last one of you people that approved THAT bullshit.

my life is my life. i won’t mention work by name, but i damn well fucking can say whatever the fuck i fucking want on my own fucking site – and there’s not a god damn thing in fucking hell you can do about it.

fire me for it – i dare you.

i’ll have those crybaby ACLU motherfuckers screaming “freedom of speech” so fast the pr shit storm will plague the place for decades.

so from now on, if i offend someone – good. that’s what free speech is all about. if you can’t read me at work, read me at home. if i offend you enough to where you don’t read me at all, sucks to be you – i write pretty good shit.

2k8 is gonna be the year that marks the return of the whore.

the old school whore.

the who give a fuck whore.

i need it now more than ever – and something tells me most of you do, too.
it’s gonna be a fun ride, fuckers…

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