some days just fuck with you from the beginning…

…and yesterday was one of em!

all was going well at our burnet shop – we’d only been open a couple minutes, i was eating tacos, life was good. then my phone went off – it was the new guy at our 183 shop (mark) who was complaining he was at the shop, with customers, and nobody was there to unlock the door. being new, he didn’t have a key yet, and the artist he was supposed to open with wasn’t there yet, and it was ten after open.

but here’s how it went down in the background…

two days prior one of the guys at the 183 shop (paolo) had told me he had to miss saturday and wasn’t sure who could cover him. when i suggested mark, they both jumped on it, and nothing was said to anybody else there because the shift was covered. i knew he didn’t have a key, but knew the other opener did cause i had personally given it to her. the next day (without paolo or mark in the room) the other saturday opener (lizzy) said SHE couldn’t make it due to a work commitment her husband had so she’d have to stay home and watch the kids. “no problem”, said the shop manager, thinking paolo had a key and could just open solo, but since paolo didn’t tell him we ended up kinda fucked.

and to top it off…

when i got the call i called brad (who was at a park with his dog and didn’t take his phone since it’s just across the street from his house) and the boss (who was moving, residentially, that day) and neither picked up. so my ass had to drop everything, abandon the burnet shop, and go to the 183 shop to let the new guy in and then leave him, solo, with nobody to answer any questions since it was his first day, until somebody else would come in THREE HOURS LATER.

then on my way back from that (and on the phone with lizzy trying to convince her this was NOT her fault since she was actually the first one i called since i didn’t know of her and brad’s chat) my phone rings and i found out that the new guy at burnet had walked in, grabbed all his shit, and left (which is when i found out the reason the boss didn’t pick up my call was because he was on the phone with HIM griping him out and essentially coming up with his exit strategy, which was never communicated to any of us).

so now i have a brand new guy trying all out 100% solo at the busy, new 183 shop after racing twenty miles round trip to let him in and we now have no new guy, which means going back to the old schedule, and being a guy light on saturday night ’cause the new guy was one of the closers. and all THIS before noon.

we really gotta work on our communication.

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