dark meat the white way!

tonight was a weird mash up of my grilling history…

….going back nine years.

nine years and some change ago my juneteenth bbq doubled as a housewarming party for harold at his new spot in austin. he paid for the food since i was unemployed, i did all the cooking. he WAY overestimated how many atomic folk would come out (it should be noted i wasn’t working there yet) so there was shit-tons of leftovers.

there was a certain giddy thrill on my end having a vegetarian friend pay for pounds of meat he wouldn’t touch.

the real surprise was the set up for grilling at his place, which included a gas grill. i’d never used a gas grill before. but over the next few years this was out spot, and i got pretty good at it. those skills carried over to the boss’ place, where we were a couple times as well. then all those options got shelved, as did the juneteenth q in general, and here we are. but since i bought the monster grill recently…

…i decided to see how the other half lived. so far i’d only used the propane for hot dogs, but i HAD tried smoking them so i knew it took ten minutes to get smoke going from a makeshift smoker box (i think i might invest in the real one) so i gave it a shot with 2.5 lbs of spicy chicken fajitas, and all came out niiiice. i still prefer the “proper” way of grilling, but this works in a pinch when the heat is nasty.

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