all boats, no hoes

i could have gone all sorts of trashy “boats and hoes” style for our stuff on this…

…buts i kepteted it classy:

(this is what we used for the pre-bit, and even if you look super close you can’t see me ’cause i used the position of the anchor to hide my reflection in the mirror behind it)

and this was for the day of:

all so we could shut down 3.5 of our 4 shops and hit the lake. (i only say 3.5 because one location had most of their staff not show up, so they just worked appointments and kept the doors locked, but still made money for them and the company). last year the trip was to the river and had lockhart bbq, which i was a bigger fan of. total commute to the last one was forty-five minutes round trip. over two and a half hours this time. but you know what? me and the boy had fun, and we can go to the river any time. this view is more rare to us…

but with one whole shop NOT showing up, and most of the others barely representing, the powers that be are considering not doing it next year. i’m hoping they reconsider AND reconsider doing the river again…i think that would be more fun and the commute is a hell of a lot less.

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