shoot – i never knew (a pun that makes sense in a second)

my iphone is behind the times…

…not its fault. not apples’s fault. all me.

i haven’t updated past ios 10 because several apps i use on the regular have pop-ups that tell me they won’t work on ios 11 and i should contact the folks that wrote it and let em know because…yeah…i know who wrote my photo collage app. we hang out. fucking seriously?

after a recent update the ufc noticed that an emoji that looked like this:

now looked like this:

but it turns out that was old news – it all went down in 2016, and the summer thereof, prior to the election, prior to the rash of school and church and whatever shooting that have happened over the last year, and in fact apple stood alone according to what i read. now here is where we stand according to what i found:

so only microsoft & facebook are sticking to their guns, as it were. are we, as a society, really at this point? i dig guns, and have texted a dozen or so people over the years about meeting at the range. done instagram and facebook and twitter posts about going shooting. even did a tagged up post to try and win free H&K stuff…and not ONCE did my phone suggest the gun emoji. what’s the big fucking deal?

remember – emojis don’t kill people…i kill people.

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