wednesday way loud bit

so, the other day, after saying good-bye to chuck’s restaurant (which was forced to close and we tackled that in the last bit) i went to my first indoor gun range…

…it’s loud in there.

it’s nice. it’s clean. it’s cool (thank god for a/c!). but it’s loud enough that i would never take my a/k there! we went due to the convenience – it’s only five or ten minutes from the restaurant. but it ended up being more comfortable than my usual shooting spot in lockhart (due to the indooredness – and yes, spellcheck, i know that’s not a word!) and also more economical. at the outdoor range you pay $15 a day EACH, so when you’re going ballistic (in more than one sense of the word) it works out nicely. but somehow, without really rushing, we were pretty much done after an hour or so – and we shared a lane. at $20 per lane per hour it cost exactly that – $20. if we’d paid that each to get separate lanes we would have used all the ammo and been done in half an hour…but you still pay for the full hour.

so we won.

the whole concept of paying to shoot is still foreign to me. i mean, i’m used to paying for my gun and ammo – but an actual place to shoot? i grew up with country-ass friends…you just go out in the backyard, set up your beer cans, and shoot. it’s rural recycling!

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  • Shane May 16, 2018 @ 11:44

    And the fact the place is located next door to a bar doesn’t suck.

  • Kramer May 16, 2018 @ 18:22

    “Dude, you’ll love this place, they have shotgun shells right next to the beer cooler!”

    True story about Mustang Ridge. Beer for bird season, am I right?

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