medically motivated monday

tomorrow makes seven weeks till i turn forty-seven…

…and last week i really started to FEEL forty-seven.

(interesting side note – as i go through old bits for the throwback and flashback segments i’ve found “forty” is easily in the top five most frequently misspelled words, typically as “fourty”.)

for the first time i had to walk away from a mr. grey project. more on that in a later entry (when we have completion) but what WAS more frustrating was walking away with shit undone AND multiple injuries. deep tissue bruising, a jacked up shoulder, wrist, elbow (not all on the same arm, either) and, of course, it re-activated a bit of the aforementioned leg pain.

that was just starting to subside AGAIN on saturday when i woke with a charlie horse (that’ll happen when i’ve gone two weeks with no calf exercise in the gym) and, as most people do, reflexively jerked my leg up to rub my calf – but it was the injured leg, so that kicked it back in…again.

the ufc thinks i pulled a groin muscle, which given the symptoms of it also fucking with ab exercises in the gym, makes sense. i’m told all that can really fix it is time without it straining, but for all the world i swear EVERYTHING you do uses this part of your anatomy. and i mean EVERYTHING.

it kinda sucks.

and tomorrow i get to take all the soreness in my legs and shoulders and wrists and such and continue to wrestle with a stubborn lower radiator hose on mr. grey, while ALSO trying to heal that thing from last thursday:

fuck me, i’m old…

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