two outta three ain’t bad, i’m told

i already missed ten of em…

…but i was NOT missing eleven!

record store days, that is. the “holiday” that started eleven years ago (and has grown in selection every year) to celebrate independent record stores is something i typically miss. why? because it’s on a saturday, and i tend to work fourteen to fifteen hours on a saturday. but this week i put in some extra work friday night (with a pulled muscle in my quad) so i could roll in late saturday, and booked it in early…

…but not early enough.

i had originally planned to just go see greg at groover’s paradise but on my way up i was surprised to see waterloo was open. i knew greg was opening at ten, but i didn’t realize that was different. it turns out all record stores open two hours EARLY for record store day, so by the time i got there (waterloo) they were out of the rage against the machine live at the 1992 DNC and one of two duran duran records i wanted to look at. the one they DID have (that i was on the fence about) i decided to pass on, but i did score a sweet double picture disc of remixes from the cure.

then it was off to groover’s paradise, which gets it’s name due to it being in the shopping center of the oasis, so a few steps out the door lands you in this glass box:

and they were sold out of the cure record i already had AND the rage against the machine as well as the duran i’d looked at, but they had the other double vinyl which i snagged and now kinda regret due to it being my least favorite lineup of the band. it does have a couple of rare gems live, though…so i’m watching a couple on ebay to see what they go for. the cure i will most definitely keep.

i went to groover’s for greg, who is actually one of my bigger musical influences due to him selling me LOTS of records at the original sundance on the square in san marcos when i was in junior high and early high school. many years later, here we are.

i’ve always loved music, but never really participate in the insanity that is ACL or SXSW typically due to work schedules, mayhem, parking, etc…but THIS is a national musical day i can do! i think this might have to become a tradition…

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