two flashbacks and a meme

don’t worry, i’m not re-using old bits today or something…

…but it has been some flashback time for me lately.

first i re-connected with my friend kym. most of you don’t know her. quite a few of you haven’t heard of her. we’re not sure quite WHEN we lost touch but it was far enough back that over lunch last week she asked how my mom was doing (she died in february of 1996). we’re staying in touch and doing lunch often. it’s a friendship i’ve missed that takes me back to a much more centered and peaceful and innocent time in my world. and we basically can pick up where we left off, even though we don’t know why we left off…and that’s a sign (in my eyes) of a solid friendship.

then sunday i got my palm acupuncture on courtesy of kimberly t.p.s.i.t. (if you know, you know). she got her first tattoo, somewhat of my design, on her ribs. then came dinner and drinks. the last time it was more drinks than dinner which resulted in a blockbuster run (that dates it!) followed by me passing out in her bed (the only time, to my recollection, i have not been able to get myself home). ironically we met when i had to wait out a buzz, so that was apropos. the aforementioned blockbuster run resulted in a receipt in a dvd case i still have letting me know we went just a few days over fourteen fucking years without hanging out. we’ve promised to go less next time – i figure if we keep it under a decade we’re good.

and then, the meme:

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