don’t bully my kid

“if she was a p.e. teacher and she picked on the kid in the wheelchair for not running laps this wouldn’t even be a conversation – her stuff would be in a box, and she’d be gone…and this is kind of the same thing>”

so went the intro i laid out for a meeting we had with the kid’s principal today about an older teacher that refers to hims as “lazy” because of his dyslexia. we let our feeling be known and came up with solutions. we let the kid decide which one would work. i was also pretty firm about the fact that this was ONE avenue we could explore for handling this, but i was not above others (like the texas state teacher’s association, my friends in the media, etc).

what helped was earlier this year os decided that he was done with athletics, at least at school. he still does his mma thing a couple times a week, but school athletics kinda sucked for him and he was over it. this meant they had to find something to do with a kid that already has all his credits lined up to get out jr high and honestly didn’t need any others, so they made him office helper. so the principal we met with (who is super cool) loves the kiddo. shit, at the end of the meeting i even did a tattoo consult for her.

so hopefully this nips it in the ass. he has the confidence and a bit of my swagger to handle most bullies…but when they come from the fucking faculty side? he needs an assist…and we got his back.

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