flashback weekend (this is not me flaking out and doing another old bit)

thursday and friday were flashback days…

…i know thursday was here, ’cause i did the throwback.

but AWAY from here it was as well. had lunch with my friend dave, who i hadn’t seen since the mid-90’s. that night i hung with old lockhart friends and some old san marcos skating buds to see the skatenigs, the band i’ve seen more than another band thanks to the aforementioned dave waving me into the club where he worked and they always played. so while it wasn’t planned this way, it was pretty damn awesome to have the day have a theme.

back in the say the shows looked like this:

since last night was a rehearsal for the show down in san antonio tonight it looked more like this:

so different band members save for my old friend phil owen on vocals, but the same energy. despite his comments to me afterwards, no, phil, i did NOT feel like i got ripped off since the first show i paid for was a rough rehearsal.

the other change? the shouts from the stage used to be, “do your PARENTS know where you are?!?” and now it was, “do you know where your kids are? NO – and it doesn’t matter since they’re all grown up and out of the house – and that’s why you’re here!!!”

sadly (or perhaps not) that did fit the bulk of the audience…

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