taco tuesday

it’s amazing the things we do for our kids…

…like shovel sub-par food into our system.

while lockhart is known as the “BBQ Capital Of Texas” being in texas we also have very reputable mexican food. as a result i was kinda shocked that while other fast food chains have failed here taco bell has done swimmingly, but i guess we can chalk that up to a healthy mixture of brand recognition and late night fucked-up-edness.

i, however, have abstained. shit, even in my unemployed days i never did taco bell or ramen. i’m kinda proud of this.

in fact, i’ve had taco bell once in probably the last ten years, and that was because i had wanted to try the doritos locos taco and they gave em away for free after some world series thing so i went to try one for free. it was worth every penny! i also discovered my diminished dental situation isn’t thrilled about hard shell tacos.

what’s making tomorrow’s excursion happen is a copious viewing of the commercial for “nacho fries”, which for all the world just look like regular fries, dusted in what i’ll assume is taco seasoning and/or dorito dust and a cup of cheese sauce to dip ’em in. this amuses me because one of nikki’s favorite places to go for chicken (and os likes it, too) is wing stop, who have really good fries (they’re kinda sweet) and i always like to companion them with their cheese sauce, which for all the world appears to just be a slightly higher end version of what taco bell has to offer.

but to show how advertising works, me SUGGESTING it while we’re actually at the restaurant doesn’t fly, but banner ads and tv spots telling you to try the same shit but in a cheaper form means it HAS to happen…

…don’t say advertising doesn’t work!

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