tuesday two barrel bit

so, typically, this is how the conservative crowd in this version of america reacts to gun violence:

but the latest shooting of the century seems to have things a bit more up in arms (pun intended) than the previous ones. why? because it was a more affluent school AND the kids aren’t backing down (which i admire). and this one has some fucked up angles to it. it also has something you don’t normally get with school shooting…

…a LIVING perpetrator.

so the trial should be interesting, if he makes it that long. people that hurt kids tend to be popular targets inside.

they keep saying we need armed officers on campus – but this school HAD one. and he hung outside and let the gunman do his thing. there’s never been a budget for raising teacher’s pay but now all of a sudden we have money to buy them handguns? have you ever heard the stress in a teacher’s voice when they talk about work? they do NOT need a motherfucking handgun!

they keep saying laws are gonna be written. this was a game changer. but the nra pulls out its checkbook, and everybody gets quiet. that game NEVER changes. tomorrow the kids (who were not “crisis actors”) go back to school and try and play normal for the next few months. but they are woke now. we’ll see how this goes…

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