a quick saturday note on older shit

i always set goals for myself – some get reached, some do not…

…but one of the goals for this year is to finally start dropping all the archival shit i have to the actual site. i have a “everything that came out” disc from kramer that covers astrowhore from back when he used to write it up until the web writer’s conference of 2003 and i have a usb stick that has various bits culminated from google searches just after the great bovine server rape (named because i was hosted by “fat cow” at the time) of early 2008.

we’re starting with the disc since it’s actually in order.

all of january 2003 bits are now loaded in the archives. slowly but surely i’ll get the whole disc up (minus the bits in the early times i didn’t write, of course) and then we’ll turn towards “the stick” which i believe has even more (although probably a repeat or several).

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