a big swing, but a near miss

so, today was supposed to be a repeat of the last bit of 2002, circa new years eve…

…but apparently i didn’t DO a new years eve bit fifteen years ago.

(it should be noted that working for star tickets back then almost guaranteed you working a new years event if they thought you could stay sober enough to hold your shit together, and i can typically hold my shit together at various levels of intoxication, so i probably worked a lot, hence no bit)

but i DID do two bits on the twenty-ninth, so while i did one as flashback the other day, today you get:

12/29/2002: “everybody’s working for the weekend…”

i’m broke. you know why? ’cause i just got paid. and without working games or shows or any kind of overtime i can’t survive on what i make. but it’s not like i took a shitload of holiday time off. i took a half-day’s worth of vacation time for xmas eve, and then another full day on xmas. that was it. no mas. and when i drove into work on thursday, it was dead as hell on the streets (except by the mall) and i asked everybody why. the response.

“it’s a holiday”.


do we get kwanzaa off, too? (did i spell it right that time, carol?). i guess it would be “boxing day” in canada, right? here it’s just the day we put the boxes all our shit came in out by the curb only to later wonder why we got robbed new years eve, a week after the orange-jumpsuited trash crew told their buds “on the outside” which houses put out the boxes for the best dvd players and ps2’s and shit. same thing on friday. i commented to kramer in passing that i was surprised how easy my morning commute had been. his response?

“why? it IS a holiday, ya know?”

what fucking holiday is december 27th? dia de los kwanzaa? it’s just the day after the day after xmas, so why not take it off, right? most people worked monday of last week, and that was all she wrote. i mean, i DO need a new job, and i guess could have taken some time off last week to look, but who would i have talked to? nobody fucking worked!!!

so what’s the new years plan?

okay, you have to take off new year’s eve a little early so you can get you pre-party drunk on, or get your tux (or dress) from the cleaners, or hit the liquor store…or all of the above, just not in that order. so there’s all THAT, which makes bailing on half a day on tuesday just REQUIRED. then, there’s new year’s day. what? huh? who? forget about it. too much of a hangover coupled with too much sun (no matter how overcast it may be) and you’re out for wednesday. thursday you might as well bail on, too…’cause thai food SOUNDED like a bad ass dinner call new years eve, but coupled with your weight in champagne and jello shots and…well…just say no to thursday, right? and why just go in for friday? a one day before the weekend day of hellish catch up? fuck all that. just rest friday, saturday, and sunday, and monday, january sixth, will be atonement day, ya know? plus with all that rest, you just have to keep that “i will get more control of my life in the new year” resolution, don’t ya?

meanwhile, on the sixth, rumor has it i’m off to sack-shriveling, cold-ass denver, colorado for a week or two or whatever. can we say ick? or better yet, brrrrrrrrrrrr???????

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