a flashback with a follow up?

well, fifteen years later we know the truth here…

12/27/2002: “only in your genes”

lemme bounce this one off you folks…it’s a genetics question. is it true (as i recall from college) that the sperm is what determines the sex of the child? is that 100%? i’m curious on this one…and i’ll tell ya why…

i’ve had a theory for a while (which admittedly sounds very henry the eighthish) that all my kids will be boys (and despite the predictions of some women who have discussed having children with me as a painful look crosses their eye, they WILL be of average birth weight…the big size thing kicks in later). i base my theory on my limited knowledge of family history, which consists solely of relatives i have actually seen breathing.

my grandfather was built like me…big, strong, burly. kinda like a brick wall with a cigar sticking out of it (one of many habits i seem to have acquired, along with being funny, cooking well, etc, etc). he had three kids…all boys. of his three boys, he had one that ended up thin (my uncle tim), one average (my dad), and one that was another wall like him (my uncle jeff).

dad had me and my sister, but then again he wasn’t one of the “walls”…but i ended up being one. now, the wall in his generation (my uncle jeff) had three kids…all boys. this would keep my theory alive…we mcwalls, as it were, tend to sire nothing but male kids. two of his ended up being of the same build as he and i, my cousins todd and corey. chris, the middle child, by his own admission looks adopted. but we know he’s not, and that’s what matters, right?

to keep my theory alive, while neither corey nor i have found that special someone that we could knock up (not from a lack of trying, i assure you…) my cousin todd has, and so he’s ended up with two kids. both boys.

so, think my theory holds water?

so, to update. todd had a third kid, chloe, who by name you can guess is female. corey has since married (but only about five years ago) and had his first, also a girl. and just to seal the deal the middle cousin (chris) has two lovely teenage daughters (god help him!)

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