it’s that time of year again

where i take a week off new material…

…well, we’re not quite there yet, but it’s coming.

for now let’s talk about the holidays. the weekend was fun with the fam and the ufc’s company thing and all, but dinner tonight, in a chicken finger joint (i can’t make that up), became all the worse due to the background soundtrack. submit into evidence the meme the ufc passed around last week:

enough said.

the place also had an odd movie tie in. look, i get it – movie-tie-ins can be a positive thing for a fast food spot. they’re usually placed somewhere in the movie, then the stars eat there, or there’s a scene there, or, at the very least, there’s some kind of toy tie-in where you get little transformer’s toys or bobble-heads of the latest pixar annoyance or some shit. but in this case it was a tie in to the twenty-fifth anniversary of home alone 2. the second lamest movie in the series. what? you didn’t know there was a third one that nobody bothered to star in or watch? truth:

the only positive on the third one? no fucking macaulay culkin. the original came out (and was quite successful) a mere month before i started college…so every fucking person that met me felt compelled to go, “oh – your last name is ‘mccauley’? like the kid in home alone!”.

except i’m not LIKE him…he’s LIKE me. i was born a decade prior to him…i can claim the name. while it aids me in that people pronounce it right, it still sucks they thing we’re fucking RELATED. if your last name is “clark” are you related to clark gable? fuck no! it’s his FIRST name and your LAST one. how retarded are people?

wait – forget i asked.

what’s sad is that was twenty-seven years ago…and i swear their stupider now. on the plus side, they don’t at this point remember who the fuck this guy is – even if his face is on the cup of a second tier chicken spot right now. who knew the two burglars (daniel stern and joe pesci) would go on to be bigger things than the star of the show? fucking child actor curse…

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