realistic superheroes…if there is such a thing?

we went and saw the new thor flick a few weeks ago…

…i have to echo JAB’s sentiments – probably one of my favorite marvel movies.

i like the fact that the heroes seem be more human lately. they have flaws. they say things we would say. they drink and such. these are all good things in my eyes – it makes them more, for lack of a better term, realistic. we saw justice league soon after and it was more of the same. whiskey guzzling, gotta get my shit together kind of superheroes. still triumph over evil. still get the job done. but do so with a little bourbon on their breath and bruises.

much more like it.

not sure how i feel about cyborg in justice league. cool character (i admit i am NOT a comic book guy so i’d only see the “teen titans” version of this courtesy of os) and i see the need for putting a “newer” character in for the current generations…but with all the classics in their, would it have killed them to have green lantern in there instead? you can’t say it’s “too soon” to re-do the character seeing as how we’re on batman number seventy-four and superman number forty-eight. since the “original” green lantern hopped universes to marvel to be deadpool it’s due.

i’m just saying.

i know i’m not the only person who saw trailers for this on the way and got superfriends flashbacks. still one of my favorite cartoon memories as a kid, probably in part due to the fact i only watched it at home, and as a result never caught the ring to the back of the head cartoon corner used to solicit at my grandmother’s place in travis heights while doing so.

i put this on my phone a while back (although the one on my phone didn’t have the check on deadpool):

all seems to be in place, save for the gambit one (which is a shame) so it’ll be interesting to see if all the others come out as scheduled…and if they follow this more “realistic” tone. i wonder what made them decide to put more human characteristics in?

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