slapback saturday – yeah, it’s THAT kind of week

what were you doing FIFTEEN YEARS AGO today?

me, i was huffing paint. sure, the bit doesn’t say that, but you and i know different. you’ll see:

11/25/2002: “gemini home repair (NOT my new side business)”

sunday, cruddy sunday. i FINALLY whipped it out. the painting stuff that is. THAT i haven’t whipped out in quite a while, save for nature’s calling, but never mind that now. i was inspired by my “brother” jim (to paint, that is…not pull “it” out). when i went to give him his tickets to join me at the carlos mencia show (damn funny, although his opener freddy sotta almost stole the show…but, regardless) since he was working on a house he and his are remodeling. i figured if they can do it, i can do it, so i started in on sunday and had PLENTY to do…

which was kinda the problem…

see, i’ve turned down offers by friends and co-workers and what-not to help me with this my home improvements, which are starting to resemble the great wall of china in their timeline, but have turned down offers front left and center for two reasons:

1. the pride of saying i did this all myself, with the obvious exceptions of stuff you just need a pro for, like your shower pan, carpeting, etc.

2. we gemini folk work on things in ways that drive the rest of you NUTS.

more the second one than the first, i’m afraid…it’s an a.d.d. thang. we gem folk get bored and mentally wander pretty easily. so, if you have a relationship or a friendship with one of us and we’ve kept you around for a long period of time and never seem to get bored with you, feel special; ’cause that doesn’t happen often. it should go without saying that we don’t have the patience to wait for paint to dry; and that’s where the annoyance factor would kick in if anyone tried to do this with me…okay, it’s painted, it’s drying….NOW WHAT?!?!?

that’s why sunday, i had three going at once. MUCH better…

started off with the albatross of the home…the guest bathroom. re-did the ceiling, but then it had to dry before i could go back in and do the line where the wall meets the ceiling. since i had a roller on a stick, and a pan full of ceiling paint, i decided i had to do the kitchen ceiling while i waited, since i had a florescent fixture i had bought for the hall that i later decided was more kitchen worthy and before i could put it up the ceiling would have to be repainted. after i dragged all the stuff to the kitchen, taped around the cabinets, and painted, the bathroom was still too wet to proceed with so i busted out the foam brushes and white trim paint and started to work on the cabinets in the bathroom attached to my bedroom since i would have to lean up against the ones in the guest bath pretty soon so they couldn’t be wet. then when i was at a good one-coat stopping point in there, i went back into the guest bathroom to do the ceiling line, then went and put a second coat in the kitchen, etc, etc, etc…

THIS is why we go at it alone…

as for this weekend? who knows…maybe i’ll go for four rooms this time.

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