a new thrill for the postal folks?

in texas we have a LOT of guns…

…and i’m afraid somebody might get shot here.

amazon is currently testing a new thing. while i love their prime delivery, i did think the locker concept was odd, but we’ve discussed that. i did find a situation it kinda makes sense, though – there’s one at a rural convenience store we stop at on the way to the boy’s MMA class, and THAT makes sense. rather than traverse down backward-ass dirt driveways just leave it secured at the shell station and send an email telling em where it’s at.

i do think a shipping discount should come with that route, though.

well now there’s amazon key, which is free for prime members…sorta. it DOES require you to buy a $250 kit that includes a smart lock and a cloud cam, so you can watch yo’ shit but they can still get in. you order, it’s included in your prime shipping, and when they get to your place they can let themselves in and set your stuff down. you can see what they do via the cam, and can check to make sure all is locked up secure via the app that goes with the lock.

i don’t trust it.

first off, we have pitbulls. good luck. secondly, the ufc does a LOT of amazon shopping. and i don’t typically know it’s coming. catch me on a day off when i’ve been drinking before noon and let yo’ ass into MY house? that cloud cam footage is gonna be known as “exhibit a” in the ensuing court case because you will probably get shot.

that’s just BEGGING for problems.

and while it’s not available in my home zip code (thankfully) it IS available as close as san marcos (less than fifteen minutes away from my place) so it probably won’t be long. i don’t see us using this. you?

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