the scariest daphuk/astrowhore entry EVER!

some things you just can’t unsee…

…and this, kids, is one of em:

yes, that’s kramer…ARMED. and if you look at the top right pic you can see a shell mid-air as my glock ejected it because he’s actually got live ammo in that motherfucker. all of ’em.

kramer and i had a range day…well, after bbq of course. because if you can eat dead things and shoot guns all that’s left is to go fuck a girl while football’s on and you have the texas trifecta!

i’m looking to unload my glock (pun intended) and he might be in the market since he’s now on the road to getting licensed and all so i told him he got first shot at it (pun intended again) and we hit the range. it was almost messier for me.

yesterday when i went to buy ammo i hit wal-mart at about 9am. in some parts of the world buying bullets at 9am is cause for alarm. in TEXAS? it’s just “tuesday”. nobody was at the sporting goods counter so i wandered next door to automotive and found a lady stocking shelves.

“hey, i just need to grab some ammo – can you help me or do you need to call someone?”, i asked.

she said she could help me, got off the ladder, and started walking with me towards sporting goods…but then i realized i was walking alone as she had stopped – to call somebody. what the fuck? just say you can’t do it, damn it! so then i was sent to wait by the counter. after ten minutes and three other customers that walked up and waited with me for various lengths of time for the same reason only to disperse i wandered back over. same lady. same ladder. still stocking the top shelf on the same aisle? this time she yelled for “roger”.

roger came out from the back of automotive and asked how he could help me. i told him i needed ammo from sporting goods. he said HE could take care of me on that, but then proceeded to, once again, CALL SOMEONE. i was then told to go wait by the counter, which i did, for ANOTHER TEN FUCKING MINUTES (only one other customer joined and left this time before i bailed again, but not before checking to see if they were watching the cameras by going behind the counter and pretending to try to jimmy open the ammo cabinet) and i went back to automotive, because i needed motor oil. as i walked up i saw the same lady, this time sans ladder, talking to a co-worker and she looked at me as if she’d never seen me before and asked, “can i help you?”

what the fuck?

i told her that no, i was just getting motor oil, and the “help wanted” sign i’d seen as i walked in MUST be for sporting goods as nobody ever came to help me so i was just gonna head to academy and get my ammo there. she just stared at me blankly and then went back to talking to her co-worker. when i went to check out to i responded to the standard issue “did you find everything okay?” question with “yeah, i found it, it’s just nobody would unlock the cabinet to sell it to me”. when she told me i could go back there and she would send somebody i replied with, “ma’am, with all due respect, i’ve played that game the last thirty minutes and at this point am convinced your gun counter is just for show…i’ll give my money to academy where i can walk in, grab my own ammo off the shelf like an adult, and check out in under five minutes”…and that’s what i did.

today kramer came out and other then him getting scolded for not fully reading the range rules before signing and me getting scolded because “this is a gun range, not the set of scarface” which was in response to me shooting my AK from the hip and a bit far behind the fire line we had a good time.

but for the record i am MORE accurate that way with that thing, just ask the head of my target with those last ten rounds…

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