FWD = Fucked With Daily, apparently

for all curious, it usually stands for “front wheel drive”…

…which after destroying my arms and hands and such working on my 1991 cavalier (which i had from 1992-2001) and my 1998 malibu (2001-2006) i swore i’d never own another one cause it tears me up (physically and emotionally) working on them. unfortunately, my beautiful bride did NOT get that memo, although in her defense she nabbed her current vehicle before we met. and last night we went out to grab bbq to go (as you do when you’re a lockhart resident) and went to start the car and *click* – no start. but also, no giving up of the key. i tried wiggling and tugging and nada. turns out when the power goes the anti-theft kicks on and grabs the key if somebody tries to use it…for “security reasons”.

so now if you have to leave your vehicle, you have to leave it unlocked because no power = no fob worky worky and the key you’d use to start it is locked in the ignition…until, of course, somebody hooks up jumper cables. then power is restored and the hey turns and they now have your car, so you can’t leave it.

there’s a design flaw in there somewhere.

we had to wait because somebody had abandoned an SUV in the parking spot next to us, and the drive-thru lane was in front of us and our jumper cabled were too short to go all the way across the hood and reach. so, we ate our food there and waited for JAB and his huge truck and XXL jumper cables and off to vatozone we went where it was determined it was the alternator.


we got the part on order and today i ripped all apart, which between figuring shit out and tight spaces took a LOT longer than it shoulda, and cost us another $100 part (which was so brittle just grabbing the intake hose my thumb went through it) but then they DIDN’T end up ordering the part, so now it’s a waiting game…

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