sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

lately when i sync my earbuds my apple music just kicks on and stars shuffling…

*every day i’m shuff-ling, shuff-ling*

but today it failed. don’t get me wrong – it fired up when the beats synced, and it started shuffling. the first track? 742617000027, the intro track to the self-titled slipknot album. it’s just a repeating sample of a woman saying, “the whole thing i think is shit” with a droning keyboard that builds to a crescendo for the first drum tracks to drop…

…but they never dropped. why?

*every day i’m shuff-ling, shuff-ling*

instead what dropped was a live track. from duran duran. save a prayer. NOT what i needed as i walked out of the locker room of gold’s gym all pumped and shit. quite the OPPOSITE of what you need when you’re hitting the gym before a long day (fifteen hours) at the shop AND you’re running on only four hours and some change of sleep.

it’ll be interesting to see what the soundtrack is tomorrow when i hit the gym…more of the mellow?

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