midweek metallica moment

so, some hiccups in the house re-fi/get mr. grey a beamer buddy timeline have marred the early part of the week…

…of course, if the powerball goes my way tonight all will be well.

but since odds on that are, to say the least, not really in my favor, we’ll focus on positive shit.

i’d like to thank the good folks in metallica for not only doing a killer show in san antonio earlier in the summer, but also for releasing said show as a double live cd (they did this with most of the tour – it’s not like we were THAT damn special!). it was cool when i was taking os to junior high earlier to be listening to “seek & destroy” and look at the boy and say, “remember when you texted me over the summer just to see what i was doing and i said, ‘i’m in san antonio catching the metallica show with my friends’? well, this is from that show!”

and then i got to flip out my phone, show him this:

and say, “and THIS was that moment in the show!”. ah, technology…

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