best buy bottoms up!

so, FINALLY the best buy saga is behind us…

…and i think i’m the only dude that’s not a best buy fan.

don’t get me wrong – i like electronic shit. and i like touching it. and seeing it face to face (as it were). but most of the times they are far from the “best” price, so i typically SEE my shit there, and then buy it elsewhere. or prep there before i get the dough and then order online when i get paid.

they do rock for upgrading phone shit, though. they take infinitely less time than a sprint store, and we’ve gotten some serious cash back for dealing with them. the recent upgrade of all but shane’s phone (his lease isn’t up till next month and he plans on striking out on his own) netted us $800 in best buy gift cards. this was dropped on a range, with the extended warranty and installation, for only $47 out of pocket. and we were done…

…or so i thought.

when we got it installed they had issues with the gas line (their fault) and there was a small (the size of a pencil eraser) ding on the range. the former got us a refund of $22 of the $47 dollars, and the latter got us a $65 gift card. we were then forty bucks back in the black! we ended up being MORE so because when we upgraded the phones i was talked into getting on their rewards program, so when we cashed in the gift cards i ended up earning another $50 in points, so we now had $115 to kill…only at best buy.

turned out the ufc wanted those new apple airpods like kramer’s, and best buy had the best price (for once) so we got em there. $159.99 minus our $115 in credit plus tax got her those bad boys for just under $55 and she picked em up today! guess we’ll see if she finally has some bluetooth stuff that doesn’t hurt her ears – third time’s the charm, right?

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