two spike tuesday?

i hope there’s a special place in hell for this guy…

…i’m talking about my old neighbor.

he had a little dog that would bark all night and keep me up. he would also get aggressive along the fence and try to fuck with copper, calum, and buffi. one day the latter had had enough and dug up under the fence and nipped the dog to shut it up.

that shut it up. and no, it didn’t die. i just meant after that it was a bit more respectful.

but the neighbor wasn’t.

he buried what i THOUGHT was a series of four medieval looking spikes into the ground, half above ground, half below, so curtail any other digging under the fence to silence his little furry fiend. but it turns out it was set of six, as recent rains caused more of my fence to collapse revealing these (not so) little fuckers:

i wedged them into an old tree where, admittedly, they kinda look like a steam punk bunny rabbit. but look at how big these fuckers actually are (and keep in mind i have a size 11.5/12 foot):

so yeah, where ever that guy went when he died, i hope it’s warmer than here – and i’m glad these have caused ZERO harm to any dogs of mine!

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