the state government officially scares me

and here you thought it’d be the golden orangutan we had to watch out for…

…but the other day i got this email:

now, how my PERSONAL email (i.e. NOT the one i give out to businesses or government forms or what not) got on the TXDoT email list i’m not sure, but they sent me this which was good since i pass right through that area to AND from the shop multiple times during the time they were shut down…

…but how did they fucking KNOW that?

in this day and age we are, quite sadly, used to them knowing what we browse online. go on the nike site, then go to read a story and – hey look! – there’s an ad for nike. for the EXACT FUCKING SHOES you were just looking at, right there in the middle of the new york times story about the latest presidential fuckery.

or when i went to pull this email and there was an amazon ad…about dog food. but not just ANY dog food – the exact shit i buy…off amazon…for my dogs.

the digital shit we’re all used to. shit, we’ve come to expect it. it’s why i have an email address i flipped all my e-commerce shit to – so i can delete black friday shit en mass. but knowing where i drive like that? i fucking HOPE it’s coincidence, but i’m not convinced…

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