dick pic faux pas

so, i guess i screwed up?

a female friend posted the following meme the other day on her facebook:

and my response was:

Nobody uses film anymore. I get a tripod…Fuck with lighting, white balance. Set a mood. I make that shit ART. I put in TIME. Then I go to professionals for my film development…no glossy ass flimsy Walgreen’s shit here! I get something with an eggshell finish, some rag paper with heft. Double acid-free matted. Framed in mahogany with a museum non-glare glass, then wrapped with paper and twine and white-glove couriered where it’s only left if hand-signed for by an adult…Snapchat is for the kiddos!

i thought being married my days of getting blocked off a girl’s facebook page were over, but apparently not!

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