jesus wants my liver!

i used to take off drinking, smoking, and such from july 4th to JAB’s b-day (aug 5th) every year…

…but i’ve gotten away from that.

while i’m happier in life now than i’ve ever been, i’ve realized something about myself – my drinking was limited by nothing but my budget. and now that i’m a dual income household, even though i’m happier, i drink more. it’s not out of misery…it’s not out of depression…it’s not even out of stress. it’s because if i want booze, i can afford it, and i usually have it in the house.

i’m not complaining about it – but it probably doesn’t help my waistline much.

so while i don’t take a full detox month off any more, i told the ufc i’d take a week. she agreed to do the same. we started after last friday since i was meeting shane for lunch at a bar and…well…who we bullshitting? so i started AFTER that. the goal? to keep the party NOT going until this friday, when we go to the coast to meet up with my cousins, and with seven mc-whatevers in the mix there’s no question about booze being present.

but last night jesus intervened.

no, not this jesus:

THIS jesus:

as in the bartender at mr. taco in lockhart…he saw us walk in, and since we ALWAYS order the large house margaritas on the rocks, and they’re fresh made, he started our round before we even sat down…but when we ordered water for the ufc and a mexican coke for me, he didn’t wanna waste it – so he brought them to the table and just charged us for smalls.

and since we’re not one to waste booze, we drank ’em!

so we made it to tuesday rather than friday…fuck it, i’m gonna go poor a drink!

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