stabby saturday

so, texas is lifting the law on knives being “too long” to carry…

…and it’s about fucking time.

the switchblade ban was lifted back in 2013, which is why i have of these in my pockets as i type this:

it was funny – when i ordered this the warranty info in the box talked about just sending it back to the factory for service…but you HAD to include a copy of your military or police i.d.. i called them and explained that i didn’t have either, but just got the knife so it’s not like i had to send it in yet, i was just calling “in case”. she responded back with a kind of harsh sounding, “if you don’t have either how did you get the knife?!?”. i responded with, “well, i live in texas…”

and that was all she needed to hear. she told me just shipping to and from texas made everything okay.

god bless texas.

but it made all kinds of folks happy that now, in addition to your ar-15, you can carry a bowie knife. granted, it’s fitting since it was named after a texan and shit (okay, so jim bowie was born in kentucky, but without google most of y’all woulda glided right over that…shit, you probably would have if i hadn’t said anything).

but do we really NEED this shit? will somebody make the oft touted mistake of bringing a knife to a gun fight? i guess we shall see…

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